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Download our FREE e-book with 10 quick and easy recipes that will remove your body fat!

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This new cookbook shows you how to make healthy, mouthwatering dishes that BURN FAT and Boost Your Metabolism!

Who We Are


We like to eat healthy and want to teach you how to cook some great, healthy meals in no time.  By cooking and eating health meals you will burn fat, lose weight, have more energy, feel better about your health, and form a positive body image.  Metabolic cooking is all about cooking and eating foods that encourage your body to boost your metabolism which will consume fat while you loose weight.  Having a higher metabolism will give you more energy and cause your body to burn fat even while you are sleeping.

Our Philosophy


There is an epidemic of obesity in America and it is primarily due to what we eat.  Exercise is also important to losing weight, but to burn fat you need to start with your diet.  We have created a comprehensive program for healthy cooking to burn fat.  We read other cookbooks from so-called experts but they were not effective.


We have noticed 3 big problems with most fat loss cookbooks:  

  1. The Recipes are not made from foods with a high Metabolic Thermo-Charge.  

  2. There is no structure to make you burn your body fat, and

  3. They don’t fight the Metabolic Adaptation Phenomenon.

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